Hello world! 👋

This is the first toot by Grow Your Own Services, a small website that encourages ordinary people to make their own internet.

It's a totally new site so feedback is welcome! (It would be nice to expand the lists of suggested hosting companies, for example.)

@homegrown Hey, pretty good website overall! why not adding Mumble (for voice communication) and Flarum (a nice and simple forum solution)

@homegrown Have you seen Kiwix?

Its a great way to collect data and host it offline.

@homegrown there's caprover and cloudron which i both use, and here's a list of easily self-hostable software

@homegrown welcome! I see that is featured prominently among the suggested service providers, do you have any special relationship with them? I'm not saying that's a bad thing but if that's the case it would be better to provide a statement of sorts.


Absolutely not! I have no relationship with any providers.

I'm sorry about the small selection of providers, I am trying to only list companies that offer managed hosting to ordinary non-business customers. I couldn't find any except the ones listed 😞

I am sure there must be more than these though, and it would be great if people could suggest others.

@homegrown Good curated list of fedi services, and thanks for including the info about fonts!

Since you are linking to paid services maybe include some info about the finances of the site on the 'about' page (are they affiliate links?). And could be cool to have an A-Z guide on how to use a hosted solution. Not necessarily because any of the steps are difficult, but I think it is nice to see what you are embarking on before you start (not the hacker spirit, ik, but lets not be snobs)


Good idea, I'll add info.

I am paying for this little site myself, the costs are not very large.

There are no affiliate links, I have no connection to any providers or anyone else.

I'm only listing managed hosting, where people don't really need to do tech stuff.

I know there are a lot more options if people self-install stuff, but I think that's not what my site is about. That's why I added the "related" section so people who are happy with more techy solutions can get support.

@homegrown hello there welcome!

I am satisfied with hetzner storage share which uses nextcloud!

good price for managed nextcloud and enough storage space!

Hi. I didn't see a list of only hosting, but just add-on suggestions after some services?
Anyhow, the cheapest vps at * has now gone up to €5/mo, but that's still decent for what you get. Add in e.g. yunohost and you're done (b/c yuno will provide a free domain name too)
I've used contabo and their included dns zone mngmnt for a bunch of years. I do know of a cheaper provider in italy, but... I can't recommend it.
If anyone knows of something comparable to contabo in the uk, I'm all ears.
* I intentionally broke it as a link, so as not to outright advertise for them


I'm generally just posting about managed hosting services rather than hosting in general.

If you are skilled enough to install server software yourself, you probably don't need a site like mine 😃

It's not a matter of needing it myself, but of understanding it and promoting it to others.
I keep lists of such things to help out others here on masto as things pop up from time to time in threads.


Sure, I just mean this account tries to tell others specifically about managed hosting, where there's no need for knowledge about installation or upgrades etc.

I think not many people realise they can own their own instance without having to personally install software.

@homegrown Absolutely.
And the fact that µsoft and apple have been putting simple choices behind scary 'Advanced' and 'Experts Only' warnings for decades means people are afraid of anything but clicking 'OK' - which they should be more concerned about.
Yunohost is brilliant at accomplishing your goal for people.

@homegrown Where can I find a list of managed hosting places on your site?


They're organised by the type of service. Each type of service has a list of managed hosting services after it.

The Mastodon section has a list of Mastodon managed hosting services at the end, etc.

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