Wow, so many new people here! Hello to you all!

I run the site which encourages people to create their own social networks and online clouds, instead of relying on companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

It's much cheaper and easier to do than people realise. You don't need to be a tech nerd to do it 🤓

I hope the site is clear enough for anyone to understand, let me know if you have questions!


hey, I like the idea. Espacially the acknowledgement that many people do not want/enjoy doing all the technical stuff themselves.

Suggestion: add one concret example to the start page, with a picture or video. I had to click through 3 sites to really see what it is about. In contrast I would try to put LESS links in the first paragraph.

The general writers advice 'show dont tell' :)

Anyway, good work :ablobcatrave:


Thanks for the feedback! 😀

Those are really good points, especially about having examples.


Right, I have tried to make the front page more "direct" about what the site is about:

Hopefully it is more friendly and clearer.

I didn't put examples on the front itself, as it was difficult to have them in context for people are unfamiliar with the Fediverse etc, but I have linked directly to pages with examples including links and screenshots.

@homegrown that's pretty cool!

I've actually been thinking about Google Analytics recently, it's pretty much the platonic ideal of corporate-dystopian; do you (or your network) know of an indie web-analytics alternative? Really all I want to record is referrers and new/returning readers, maybe anonymized behaviour within the site... I don't even want to keep IP addresses.

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