I'm experimenting with doing occasional long-form blog posts about how to make your own online services.

I've done an initial post about how to make your own Mastodon server using managed hosting providers. If you have time, it would be great to hear feedback about it.

You can read it at:


I quite like the visual stuff you can do on Wordpress.

Might add the activitypub plugin if I do more blog posts though?

@homegrown @laravista I really don't like #WordPress for all this Visual Stuff any more...🙄

@kranzkrone @laravista

Yeah, Write Freely is great (I recommend it on the site!), but I needed to also build a website instead of just doing a blog.

Write Freely is brilliant if you just want to do text articles, people focus on the text.

@homegrown @laravista the promise of #WriteFreely sounds good but the technical Stuff, thus #Hosting, is already to much for me.

#ManagedHosting for WriteFreely seems expensive, compared to what I pay for my Instance of #Mastodon.

For my needs, a #CMS based on #FlatFile is more than enough and I somehow can still understand how it works. 😏

@homegrown @laravista oh, of course are $10 /9.40€ for 100 blogs more than fair. 👍

I might have overlooked this Point...🙄

@Grow Your Own Services Great idea for a website.
I am a novice and built my way up to having my own #hubzilla, #mastodon #matrix, #nextcloud and more. I was just thinking the other day how it might be a good idea to start documenting the things I've had to overcome over the years, going from knowing nothing to running some of my own services.


Sounds like a good idea!

Getting practical advice down on paper would be a good resource for others using those platforms.


Looks good but feels a bit light on technical walkthrough. I suggest you pick a host as the recommended provider and have a step by step tutorial on installing Mastodon on that one.



I agree, it's not useful to people doing the installation process themselves.

However, I hope it is useful for people using managed hosting services (where the hosting company does all the installation).

@homegrown well done. Clear and concise, even I think I might be able to do this is I ever need to, following this guide.


Thank you for the feedback!

And that is so good to hear, it's exactly what I was aiming for!

@homegrown Hosting my iwn Nextcloud server I was trying to set up an additional Matrix server on a different hardware. I could not solve the issue of having two servers behind one external IP. Even with a static IPv4 address. IMHO this is some kind of essential to understand those concepts to host several servers behind one IP.
I would love to learn some mire about how to... . And I am sure that others have the same issue, thus preventing them from implementation.


Sorry, I'm not sure I can help :/

I think that's more a question for system administrators?

I'm trying to help people using managed hosting services.

@xphera @homegrown Thanks. I know. But I was not able to configure that. I mainly found basic explanations (like you linked) or technical documentation of e.g. Apache. But nothing in between like a tutorial.

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