@homegrown account.conversations.im/domai Not tested it but the guy creating Conversations offers sth like this.


My site growyourown.services is dedicated to helping non-technical people run their own online services through managed hosting.

I would like to add a section on making your own messaging service, and XMPP seems like the best candidate.

However, I need to find XMPP managed hosting companies to link to, otherwise there's no point adding the section.

@homegrown there are plenty out there not all necessarily xmpp. rocketchat and ejabber seem the prime considerations right now and there are managed hosting services available for both with a quick search


I've had trouble finding XMPP managed hosters, would appreciate any links you come across!


This is managed hosting as in, you pay them and they do all the technical stuff.

This seems to be rare for XMPP.

@homegrown autonomic as already posted on your webste do managed rocketchat hosting for starters

@homegrown few more here... but they are, like you said not that common. ejabberd is pretty simple to use within another selfhosted or cloud hosted app though


Some time ago there was hosted.im which offered managed hosting for XMPP, free up to 5 users and with your domain. But it closed down.

It was a service from the people of ProcessOne.

@3dcandy @homegrown Not everyone wants to self host. I'd rather pay someone to do the hosting for me, which is why I love the above resource. It lists managed hosting companies I can browse and pay.

@blindscribe @homegrown of course - I was just misinterpreting what was being asked...

@homegrown @mike has some magic to make xmpp integrate with mastodon (which mastodon.radio does) which kinda fits?

I don't know of any, but building one with ansible and a cloud hosting provider shouldn't be to hard. I am a #matrix user myself

#matrix #matrixorg #matrixdotorg #matrixprotocol

a lot of people like Prosody, especially if you're into Lua.  I run Openfire, which is in Java based. It's a piece of cake to set up. If you're just using it for yourself or a few accounts try it on a five dollar Ramnode server or something, it would probably run ok.


Thank you :) But I'm guessing those require some kind of technical input from the user?

I'm talking about managed hosting, where there's no technical aspect at all? (like masto.host is for Mastodon)

@homegrown you might want to try @snikket_im its currently free since they're in beta snikket.org/hosting/ just email hosting@snikket.org

I'd highly recommend it, super easy to use and puts you in control of users, invites and groups.

What's even cooler is they've teamed up with jmp.chat/ to connect your xmpp address to a voip service:). This service is paid but super affordable.

That's a "re-branded" Prosody locked in a Docker container. Their github "open source" repo actually just downloads their docker image, doesn't have the source code to the server. If you crack open (like a walnut, there is no "open sesame command") their docker image it's prosody. Last time I checked there were no modifications.

@homegrown I love XMPP and lived there for a long time. But they are not exactly a current thing, and selfhosting that kind of communication is not simple - that also goes for Mastodon and Matrix. If it was for a small community, maybe Nextcloud Talk would be interesting?


Yeah, that's why I'm following @snikket_im as they are trying to make XMPP simpler to self-host and use.

Mastodon self-hosting is very easy if you use a managed hosting service, no tech knowledge required!

Nextcloud Talk is good too, especially for closed communities.

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