Here's my review of the Cookbook app for Nextcloud:

It lets you grab recipes in one click from recipe websites and build your own private cookbook. There's an example of this in the screenshots below.

In short: if you are into food at all, and you own a Nextcloud, you need to install this app 🤤


Holy moly that's awesome!

One thing though is many recipies I get are on Youtube :(

I'm still unsure which of these is my favorite:

- Nextcloud Cookbook
- Tandoor
- Mealy


Oh wow, those look good too!

I think Nextcloud Cookbook is the only one you can install without technical knowledge though?

Yeah, for the others you should be able to spin up a container without breaking your neck.

The downside of Nextcloud apps is the single point of failure. If your Nextcloud is down, all apps are down. If you upgraded your Nextcloud too hastily, your apps might be down for quite a while. If you want to move one service, you have to move all services.

So I'm using just some basic Nextcloud apps, and I still have to decide if the Cookbook app may stay in this inner circle.

@homegrown I didn't know about the auto-import!!! It looked too time consuming to enter recipes manually so I never installed it. I just copy pasted the whole thing in my notes app (Joplin)

Now I need to install that!!!

@homegrown I love this app and it's one of the reasons I use Nextcloud in the first place. There are some other great self-hosted recipe tools out there. But between the Android app and the absolute ease of adding recipes, this one is a real winner.

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