If you're interested in making your own instant messaging server, I would recommend following @snikket_im

They are trying to make XMPP messenger servers easier for ordinary people to use and host. It's not quite ready yet, but they are in mass beta testing and should launch soon 🤞

XMPP is a good decentralised alternative to Whatsapp etc so it would be brilliant if it can be made accessible to everyone.

More info at


Also, to make clear, Snikket is still XMPP so it is compatible with existing XMPP servers and software.

They aren't trying to start a messaging network from scratch.

@homegrown @snikket_im What do you think about Matrix?

There’s a few companies that sell homeserver hosting as well, though I haven’t used it myself:

@mhs @snikket_im

Matrix feels more of a Slack kind of thing?

XMPP is (for me anyway) easier and more like Whatsapp.

I didn't know there were managed hosting services for Matrix, I will make a note! Thanks :)

@mhs @homegrown @snikket_im #Matrix is exactly what Snikket is trying to avoid: not building on internet standards and inventing everything from scratch.

@kaip @homegrown @snikket_im From what I can tell the Matrix protocol seems just as based on web standards as XMPP, it’s just that Matrix tries to be much more holistic for the human-to-human messaging case:

@mhs @homegrown @snikket_im You mean it uses HTTP? Yes... but unlike XMPP, Matrix is more a product made by a VC-funded startup than a real standard. What do you mean by 'holistic'?

@kaip @homegrown @snikket_im I think you’re setting the bar for “real standard” at if it’s gone through a body like the IETF. I don’t think Matrix has ruled that out, right, it’s just that they haven’t decided it’s stable enough to go through that yet?

You mentioned the funding source as a bad thing, can you elaborate? My impression is lots of useful open standards come out of for-profit work.

@mhs @homegrown @snikket_im Well how do you think we should agree on communication protocols?

Matrix will never be stable enough to submit to a standards body, since it's a monolithic protocol specifying everything from messaging, encryption to A/V signalling etc.

@mhs @homegrown @snikket_im Yes, standards _can_ emerge from for-profit work. But more often than not we just get products and apps. Matrix makes and controls the protocol, the only production ready server implementation, the most popular client and the most popular server instance. It's a single company making their thing, with no intention to built on and improve existing internet standards.

@kaip @homegrown @snikket_im I'm sorry, I'm still not following why the Matrix approach is hostile to an open decentralized web. Isn't that state - a single most-popular implementation for clients and servers for ease of use and faster evolution - explicitly a goal of Snikket?

The Matrix governing body seems to have representation from multiple groups and it's not clear to me how it's all that different from the XSF:

@kaip @homegrown @snikket_im By holistic I was just repeating the Matrix FAQ, which says their protocol takes more of a kitchen sink approach than XMPP:

@homegrown @snikket_im The *hosted* service is still in beta and the version numbers contain beta, but it's been pretty stable for me in the past year or so. The occurence of beta in the version numbers will be fixed soon-ish :-).

@homegrown @snikket_im oh, that sounds interesting. I will keep an eye on it. 😏

Thank you for sharing. 👍

@homegrown @snikket_im You are right. I am an enthusiast user of @snikket_im and I support it. You can read my latest article here

@homegrown @snikket_im snikket looks good, again not the easisest to install for many though

@3dcandy @snikket_im

That's what the Snikket managed hosting will be for.

You'd pay a fee, and the managed hoster would do the installation and maintenance. (Similar to how Mastodon is easy to get through sites like

@3dcandy @snikket_im

Umm... wouldn't it increase take-up if people don't need tech knowledge to run their own server? (Sorry if I'm misunderstanding!)

@homegrown @snikket_im bit of both I reckon.... like the chicken and egg
But maybe - I'm not so sure!

@3dcandy @snikket_im

I guess as long as people have different kinds of hosting options, hopefully they will find something that works for them 🤞

Setting up a Snikket instance via the hosting platform is simply a couple of clicks, and we have many non-technical folk using it successfully.

Feedback indicates that the hardest part is usually deciding what domain to pick 😄

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