You can use Nextcloud's Talk add-on to create your own private instant messaging and voice/video calling service. I've done a little review of it here:

Overall, it's a really good add-on, but you have to be aware of what it is for.

As far as I can tell, there's no federation on Talk (yet) so the only people who can participate are members of your server, or people you invite through special public conversation links.

@homegrown There is an old issue thread about the federation. It sounds very complex to set up.
I have had Talk working fine, but I am a little unsure how to integrate it in the projects. Also, when I use a Talk conversation, it drops all files shared from the app into a Talk folder, not separated by conversation.
So there is some structure there.


Yeah, I saw that thread when researching the review. It sounds like proper support for federation isn't coming any time soon, which is a shame. 😢 It's weird as the Files federation works fine... it just doesn't extend to Talk.

You can share files in Talk from your normal folders if you prefer, but if you attach them directly into a conversation they do go to the Talk folder, yes.

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