I've done a "Beginner's Guide to Nextcloud", which goes through the basics of what @nextcloud is and how to make your own:

It's written from the perspective of a non-technical person who just wants to make their own services and doesn't want to use command lines or FTP.

Feel free to share with anyone curious about Nextcloud, and feedback is always welcome of course!

@homegrown @nextcloud I'm in the process of setting this up through #stuxhost . I'm having trouble at step 4. I'm not sure if my domain is connected to my cloud hosting. I assume it is because they're both from the same service, but I cannot access my domain from the web. Any insights?

@HoopDP @nextcloud

If domain and hosting are both from same provider, the provider should be able to connect the domain to the hosting without you needing to do anything.

I would contact the provider directly, hey @stux can you help?

@HoopDP @homegrown @nextcloud I am gonna investigate if this is possible indeed! ❤️

@HoopDP @homegrown @nextcloud The cloud service uses another IP than stuxhost itself 😉

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