Can people recommend some good independent paid email providers?

(This is for individuals and small organisations/businesses, so nothing corporate)

Thank you to all the people who suggested email providers, that's brilliant!


I have been very happy with Gandi Email. For best security can just use the webmail interface, but you have standard IMAP too.

@sam @homegrown

Another happy member of too. :)

And it's not only mail, but nextcloud and other services too.

@homegrown do you mean for regular accounts or for sending (bulk) mail?

For my account I'm happy with #fastmail (even though their servers are in the USA). The web UI is sensible, integration/migration options worked for me, and you pay 'per mailbox' even if you have multiple domains/catch-alls coming into it (which is the case for me and made some other options prohibitively expensive).

For sending bulk mail (a ~2500-subscriber newsletter) I'm interested in learning about low-cost options.


For ordinary email, people creating their own email accounts to send and receive from.

Not for bulk mailing or advertising.

@homegrown When I was doing research a couple months ago, the top picks I had were gandi and Purelymail.

I've been happy with Runbox. It's in Norway. Their smallest plan is $20/€15/year.

Those two use renewable energies to power their servers btw.
iirc both have paid plans from 1€/month. even provides a xmpp account with the same address as the mail account.


@homegrown I use @mailbox_org They allow you to use your own domain (very important, since you cannot change provider later if you cannot bring your own domain) and I can access my mail using the IMAP standard (internet standards are important for interoperability - ProtonMail requires you to install custom software I think).

They also give you an XMPP address, but their upload limit is only 10MB and they don't have STUN/TURN so no A/V calls will possible 🙁.

@homegrown I'm partial to Fastmail myself. They have shown to be very good about privacy and they are working on a new email standard called JMAP (JSON Meta Application Protocol) to allow clients and servers to do things like Undo Send and Scheduling that Gmail can do but is locked behind proprietary software. Yes the site itself is closed source but the standard is open so hopefully there will eventually be smaller providers using it at some point.

@homegrown I've been using #Tutanota for over a year and I'm happy with it.
They're also on Mastodon >> @Tutanota

@andri @homegrown Thanks for the recommendation! :) Any questions, we're here to help.

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