Okay, I need some help with one more question:

Are there any particular domain name companies/registrars you'd recommend?

Or are they pretty much all the same?

Thanks once again for all the suggestions! 🙏

I'll try to put something together with these.

@homegrown hover, they offer free whois privacy, email, prices are good, and the interface is dead easy to use

Plus their parent company is twocows Inc, which is obviously cool

@homegrown I heard good things about Porkbun, I think Stux uses it.
They offer free whois privacy and unbeatable pricing.

@hbenjamin @homegrown porkbun provides webhosting to a few Proud Boys groups, despite being informed about doing this.

@homegrown If someone wants an anonymous domain, is a good one. The domain is technically registered under their name, but you can maintain the DNS records any way you want.

Otherwise Gandi is awesome for its API support and other features already mentioned.

@homegrown Again, same as email, I am very happy with Gandi. Especially as everything is based in the EU.

@homegrown I prefer Namecheap and for my domains.

I've been using Namecheap for over 10 years without any issues but their API is not the best so I use when I need a good API.

Namecheap has really quick support and their interface is extremely simple.' interface is very plain and I've never had to contact their support before, but they're regarded as one of the better options in terms of privacy and reliability.

@homegrown I've used Gandi and Namecheap, both are pretty good but I've mostly moved to Gandi just because it supports more TLDs and I didn'tvwant to keep track of two accounts

@homegrown I personally use Njalla for their strong privacy policy

@homegrown I'm quite happy with Porkbun. I recently did some hunting to look for a more privacy preserving registrar but it seems KYC is kind of a requirement for registrars.
One alternative was but I decided against them as the privacy they offer comes at the cost that they technically own the domain on your behalf and use proxy registrars.
Porkbun accept payment via crypto currencies, but sadly not Monero.

@homegrown lots of people are avoiding clouflared domain registrars. Check that out when choosing.

@homegrown They are definitely not all the same. I'm experiencing the pain of this right now. I'm trying to get #Nextcloud up and running. I first signed on with a service that seems to be a favorite here on Mastodon. They are incredibly unresponsive. Although they were quick to respond when I pulled my services and asked for a refund.
Now, transferring the domain is a PIA and may not even be possible given that it is under 60 days old. So, that's about 8 - 10 frustrating hours and 30 bucks all tolled for a useless domain and transfer attempt.

TLDR; Use a Nextcloud promoted partner to host your Nextcloud.

#Cloudamo is very responsive (within minutes, not days) and helpful when it comes to Nextcloud. Can't speak to more of their services as I haven't used them, yet. Stux was not. I'm frustrated and probably out 30 bucks plus the domain I was hoping to use for my Nextcloud instance.


It's all right, we've all done this! 😁

And yes agree with you about hosting companies not all being the same 👍

Definitely worth using an approved partner or checking out other people's experiences.

@homegrown Thanks for the encouragement! It's been a bit of a rough go. I thought I did my research. However, I only really learn from my errors, it seems.

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