Lots of new people, nice to see you 🥳

If you haven't already, please check out the website at growyourown.services

The idea is to help people who aren't technical create their own online services through managed hosting, where the hosting company does the techy stuff behind the scenes.

Some particular highlights include a beginner's guide to starting your own Mastodon server:


...and starting your own Nextcloud server:



GYOS is aimed at non-technical people, so it focuses on managed hosting.

If you're slightly techy though, I'd highly recommend these projects. They let you add services to your VPS or home server through simple graphical interfaces:

Yunohost at @yunohost, more info at yunohost.org

Libreserver run by @bob, more info at libreserver.org

FreedomBox at @freedomboxfndn, more info at freedombox.org

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