You can also use @nextcloud to set up your own private messaging service:

The service has its own dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS too.

Major downside is it doesn't have any kind of federation (yet), so you can only talk to other people on your server.

If this sounds like something you'd want (for example an internal chat system for your friends, family or organisation), it might be worth looking at this.

GYOS offers tips for people and orgs who want their own online services, but don't know or care about techy stuff like CLIs and FTP.

Everything on is available through managed hosting companies that do all the techy stuff on the owner's behalf.

Originally, home computers were just circuit boards, you had to supply everything else. Home computers only became popular when they were available ready-to-use.

That's why I'm writing about ready-to-use self-hosting! 🌱

Make your own private music and podcast streaming service with Nextcloud Music:

Overall this was really nice!

You need to supply the music files and podcast addresses yourself, but once that's done you get a proper private, independent streaming service that also works on mobile apps.

BTW, do check out @powderpaint, especially their album Powderpaint and track Constellation

Done another app review for Nextcloud, this time looking at Forms:

Forms lets you create your own online surveys with all kinds of questions (multiple choice, text boxes, calendars, buttons, dropdowns etc).

Because it runs entirely on your Nextcloud, the data never goes anywhere else, and there are no ads or trackers.

It's a good privacy-friendly alternative to Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.

Here's my review of the Cookbook app for Nextcloud:

It lets you grab recipes in one click from recipe websites and build your own private cookbook. There's an example of this in the screenshots below.

In short: if you are into food at all, and you own a Nextcloud, you need to install this app 🤤

To see the add-on apps available on your Nextcloud, log into your Nextcloud's admin account, go to your profile menu and select "Apps".

Browse through the categories to look at the apps available, and click on "Download and enable" to install it.

Most apps are tested and should work okay. Untested apps are labelled with a red warning sign. Only install untested apps if you are comfortable with the risks of it not working or possibly causing problems with your Nextcloud.

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